Doggy Prison

Start with 4 dogs in a cage. Hang a juicy bone on a string and put a step ladder under it. As soon as a dog tries to climb toward the bone spray ALL the dogs with cold water. Another dog touches the step-ladder, again spray ALL the dogs with cold water. Eventually, when one dog tries to climb the ladder the others will attack him.

Now take one dog out of the cage and put another in its place. The new dog sees the bone & attempts to climb the ladder. The others gang up on him. Replace another of the original four dogs with a new dog who goes for the bone & the previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm because he’s now part of the “team.” Now replace the third original dog, then the fourth.

Every time the newest dog goes for the bone he’s attacked. The dogs have no idea why they’re not allowed to climb the ladder or why they’re biting the newest dog. None of them will have ever been sprayed with cold water. To them, that’s the way it has always been!