Does your work combine cosmopolitan savvy with subservience to the state? Would you be grateful for the opportunity to set the visual style for a bright, prosperous, totalitarian future? How grateful?

In The Artist’s Guide To Imperialist Propaganda you will learn how to make The Leader’s enemies your enemies, relentlessly disparaging them, finding their weak points & attacking them in a dramatic visual style that the masses can relate to.

You’ll see how to create public spectacles with immense visual scale to match the scale of citizens belief in The Leader as the one person who symbolizes the entire state.

And most importantly, you’ll learn the subtle art of transmitting the official narrative, that The Leader is the answer for everything, with a measure of sophistication, taste and credibility.

Exciting job prospects with lots of free travel & entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide await you. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to absorb the combined wisdom of the most effective propagandists in the universe in a secure, ethics-free environment.

Pre-order & you’ll also receive a BONUS GIFT, a signed copy of “JUST SAY NO: Embracing Your Inner Selfishness”.


LESSON 1: Dealing With Truth

LESSON 2: Gaslighting

LESSON 3: Controlling The Narrative

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